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Another Monday, another trip down Myspace memory lane.

Standard Recap: This is a series where I go through my Myspace blogs from 15 years ago and examine what I was thinking at that point in my life and see if I've had any personal growth.  Lets pull back the lever on the internet time machine and hop back to the wonderful year of 2005. (Disclaimer: I do go through and correct typos from the original postings. Other than that, all posts included all original text. No censoring or editing.)

bject Total Happiness
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 7/7/2005 4:21:00 PM
Body I have this little ritual I like to do with most new co-workers. We'll start talking about movies and I'll see what type of movie they like and what their favorite movies are, just to get a small taste of character. Then I'll ask them, "have you ever seen, Happiness?"  Nine times out of ten they will have not even heard of, "Happiness" much less have seen it. Then I'll tell them that "Happiness" is one of the best movies ever made and one of the most uplifting, feel good movies.  This is will spark their interest so they'll express interest and I'll give them the DVD to watch and then sit back and wait for them to come back and tell me how the movie changed their life.  But usually they will come back and ask me what's wrong with me and wonder how I could recommend such a twisted movie.
    Now if you're not familiar with "Happiness," I won't spoil the plot for you, but I will tell you that some of the personality traits of the characters include, phone sex obsessed chronic masterbators, adulterous old people, flavor of the week casual sex and a serial rapist pedophile. Now, doesn't that just scream "better than everything besides Armageddon?"  I don't understand why people would be so freaked out by a little socially unacceptable movie.
     Okay, so I do understand why people get freaked out. But that's part of the appeal. Society as a whole has gotten to a point where we're afraid to step outside our comfort zone. Anything that goes against the status quo of normalcy is viewed as wrong or unacceptable. Why is that? What are we so afraid of that we must surround ourselves in a comfort blanket of rainbows and gummy bears. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that if you fail to step outside your comfort zones then your growth as a person is stifled.
   So my challenge to you the loyal reader is this, in addition to practicing good dental hygiene, do something or watch something or talk to someone that you normally wouldn't.  Who knows, you might find out your comfort zone has been holding you back.  Until next time.

When I opened up today's Myspace blog, I laughed because I actually recommended Happiness to a co-worker last week. She was supposed to watch it over the weekend. I'm not holding my breath but I am curious to talk to her on Monday to see if she kept her promise. I don't think I've recommended the movie in over ten years.

Having evolved and grown a bit since the original blog was written, Happiness is not a movie that I would normally recommend anymore.  I only suggested it this past week due to an escalating game of mentioning more and more obscure movies. It really isn't a movie anyone should watch. So if you're reading this and aren't familiar with the movie, it's best to keep it that way. Go watch Armageddon or Transformers. They'll scar you just as bad. Just is a different, more acceptable way.

As for the second half of the blog, I still standby the thought people need to out of their comfort zones more often.  This is a conversation Kevin Hunsperger (from my123cents) and I have had over the last couple of weeks. We are both looking at aspects of our professional lives where we need to shake off the comfort and step out onto the ledge of uncertainty. It's definitely easier said than done.

One of the best quotes I've read regarding comfort zones is, "Stop being afraid of what could go wrong. Start thinking of what could go right."  I know for me, the mental aspect is my biggest enemy when I want to do something different. Instead of expecting the best, I constantly tell myself everything negative that could happen. Part of that mentally will be explored in a future "Battling Depression" blog. It's a lot easier to fear the negative than to take a chance for the positive.

Once we realize nothing will ever be as bad as we expect, maybe then we can experience true happiness.  Just don't expect (or partake in) Happiness.


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