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Standard Intro: This is a series where I go through my Myspace blogs from 15 years ago and examine what I was thinking at that point in my life and see if I've had any personal growth.  Lets pull back the lever on the internet time machine and hop back to the wonderful year of 2005. (Disclaimer: I do go through and correct typos from the original postings. Other than that, all posts included all original text. No censoring or editing.)

ct Rock Star Life
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PostedDate 7/10/2005 4:42:00 PM
Body Ok, here's the deal. I was writing up a recap of my weekend. After typing about 1000 words, the computer flaked out and lost my words. I don't really feel like typing everything over again, so this is the abbreviated version. You can fill in the blanks with your own imaginative details.

Friday, did an interview with Cowboy Troy in Paducah, KY, then enjoyed a concert by Big & Rich. Good show, but horrible audio. Cowboy Troy is a really cool and down to earth person. Wish him much success. Now go buy his cd.

Saturday, went to see my friend John play with his band, Project 44. A loud raucous full of anger and energy band featuring members of Ministry and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. John, aka [metal] plays the trashcans. That's right, I said, plays the TRASHCANS!!!! Was really impressed with the band. Only downside was some drunk idiot trying to mess with the trashcans and hitting the vocal somethingroanother. Thought there might be a slight rumble, but luckily cooler heads interfered and other than the last song not having full trashcan support, no one was stabbed. After the show, hung out for about 3 hours waiting for the band to the load up and to find out where the band would be staying since the club owner didn't book the rooms til the that day and by then the hotel by the club was full. Finally at 3:30am my friend Jeremy who I went to the show with, John, his girlfriend, and the merchandise girl found ourselves at the strip club. Well, 3 hours and 90 dollars later, I now have stories that will make good blackmail material for years to come. I have to agree with the Bloodhound Gang, "A lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying."

We didn't get home until 7am. I don't know if I could handle the full time rock star life style.  But it'd be fun to try.  Until tomorrow.

Wow. So much to unpack in this one. Guess we should start at the beginning.  The Cowboy Troy interview came about due to working for an ABC affiliate. Earlier in the year (if I remember correctly) ABC had announced a long term deal with the Country Music Association to air the CMA Awards and CMA Fanfest. Since I had produced a country music video show in college and had done interviews with country artists, I had the idea to try and get interviews for the morning news show. The original plan was to interviews artists/bands at different levels in their careers. We ended up interviewing some contestant from Nashville Star, Cowboy Troy (his debut CD had just come out) and Shedaisy (touring in support of their third album after a less successful second album).

Cowboy Troy is part of the MuzikMafia. A group of country artists which includes Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson. Instead of doing traditional country, Cowboy Troy specializes in Hick Hop, country themed rap.  He was performing with Big & Rich in Paducah, KY.

For the interview, I was cameraman while our morning female anchor did the interview. We arrived at the venue about 20 minutes prior to our scheduled interview time and hung around waiting for a tour manager or someone in charge to come get us.  While we were waiting Cowboy Troy walked past us a few times but we weren't comfortable trying to randomly talk to him.  Finally after about 15 minutes, Two Foot Fred rolled by in his wheelchair and stopped to talk to us. We told him we were waiting to interview Cowboy Troy. He said to hold on and went off in search of someone to help us. A few minutes later Cowboy Troy came out and asked why we didn't say anything to him.

Cowboy Troy released his latest CD "Laugh With Me" in May.

Switching gears 180 degrees to the next night.  From country rap to industrial metal, the 24 hours couldn't have been more different. Finding out my friend John played trashcans in a band sounded like a joke. Who plays the trashcans and isn't in a production of Stomp?  I don't remember the name of the venue Project 44 played. It was some small club in, I believe, O'Fallon, Illinois. A small but lively crowd, including myself and another college friend, Jeremy, was on hand to watch the show. As mentioned in the original blog, there was some drunken idiot who was trying to interfere with the band and grab John's trashcan. I think at one point, John actually threw the trashcan at the fool.

After the show, there was a lot of downtime as the band tried to figure out where they were staying. The hotel they finally got booked into was not a four star by any means. The bathroom sink in one of the rooms had been taken apart and pipes were laying all over the countertop. At this point it was around 3am. Normal people would have probably called it a night. Unfortunately at this point in time John and Jeremy thought most nights out required a trip to the local adult establishments. Due to where the hotel was located, we ended up at a strip club that probably would not have a very high Yelp rating. The type of place where C-Section stars and needle marks are visible on the talent.

Overall it was an interesting 48 hours of vastly different forms of entertainment. I should probably ask John if he's still banging on trashcans. 


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