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It's been way too long since I last updated the blog.  Lets see if I still know how to do this.


I had spent a few blogs detailing my diagnosis and dealing with depression.  Then, there was nothing.  A poorly written blog cliffhanger. Hopefully the return will be better received than Game of Thrones: Season 8.

The return to blogging does a have a tie in to depression.  The last few blogs written were done while I was seeing a therapist. I finished the six month of sessions in November right after completing (walking) my first half-marathon.  From November 2018 to July 2019, I was doing pretty good mentally. Sure, there were a few rough days every now and then but overall I was happy with myself.  Something changed in July. I'm not exactly sure what changed. Just know that the past couple weeks some synapses weren't firing properly.

In assessing aspects of my life that could be contributing to the return of the funk, I think part of issue is the combination of politics and social media.  Not that this is a new fad. Anyone who regularly listens to the Positive Cynicism podcast knows there's a monthly episode devoted to politics.  Politics are an important issue that I feel more people should take seriously and along with my co-host, we try to have a civil discussion regarding what's going on in the world of politics. However, we are at a point in society where the idea of civil discussion is to see who can yell their point of view the loudest. Social media adds to that in a bumper sticker mentality with people throwing out articles or tweets that back up their opinion getting thumbs up by their like minded friends.  In the event someone should disagree, most conversations degrade into name calling and hypocrisy of it's okay if my side does it but bad when the other side does it.

As an effort to try and not dislike people, I have taken two steps to combat my fatigue.  The first step was to limit my time on Facebook to only when I'm posting links to the podcast or blog.  On Twitter, I have unfollowed anyone who's tweets are more than 75% political. My goal is to remove toxic behavior or attitudes from daily life.

In an attempt to spread the idea of cleaning up mental dirt, I've come up with an somewhat creative attempt for a viral trend. For the month of August, I'm challenging anyone who reads this to break out the M.O.P. (Month of Positivity).  Every day, do at least one act of gratitude. Give a compliment to at least one person.  If you can do something to make someone else's day brighter, do it. It costs nothing to be nice.

Question everything. Do something positive.


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